About Us

Hi Friends,

I’m MAY, from Cochin.The founder of SHOW ME WISDOM.I’m a HR Consultant,Social Media Consultant,Business Media Analysis & Blogger.

Our Mission,

Positive Individuals tend to more successful. I want to share with you some positive thoughts through the Show Me Wisdom page. This blog goes through Motivation, Health, Yoga, Meditation, Etc..By listening to these things, each person is able to raise a positive level and increase the efficiency of life.

Each person has their own unique abilities.But most people can’t find it.The reason is negative thoughts.We can take away the negative energy in us by seeing,hearing,reading and thinking about positive things.Thus when positive energy enters us,we strive for higher goals in our lives and strive for it.That way we can achieve life.

“Awake,Arise and Stop not till the goal is reached “This is Swami Vivekananda’s most famous motivational words.I would like to share with you many inspirational quotes like this.

Through motive articles,stories and videos we can fly like a Phoenix bird without falling in to the failures of our lives.